Borrowing Gear From UQMC

Welcome to the UQ Mountain Club lend engine site!

This is the platform we use to manage all of our gear. We use it to know where all the club stuff is, who has it and who needs it next. Read on for how to use the website and what gear you can use. Sign up is free for all club members though deposits are taken for gear to make sure we get it back.

What gear can I use?

UQMC has both hiking and climbing gear that can be borrowed for personal or club trips. Any gear that isn't life-critical is fair game for borrowing and can be reserved by members online. That includes backpacks, PLBs, helmets, tents, barbecues, rope protectors, tarps, sleeping bags, bouldering pads and more. You can explore the full range of gear using the categories on the left.

How does it work?

Once you know what gear you need, reserve it online for the time you need it and make sure you can get to Kangaroo Point to pick it up. The maximum loan period is 2 weeks, after which you'll either need to give the gear back for the next person or you can request an extension on your loan. Just speak to an exec member or send an email to the quartermaster letting them know the reason for the extension.

For Boulder Pads or when you are borrowing lots of gear, please send your lovely Quartermaster an email at to arrange a pickup as large and overflow gear resides at the Quartermaster's house in Holland Park West. 

When you pick up gear, you'll be asked to make a deposit which will be returned to you once you hand back the gear. Please try and bring cash for this as it is much easier to give back and you won't have to wait for a bank transfer which can take quite a while. The deposit amount will be shown when you reserve the gear so you'll know exactly how much you need before you even pick it up. 

If you do need to do a bank transfer, the club bank details can be found at the box or the quartermasters house or on the main website. They are also listed below in case that isn't enough:

Name: UQMC
BSB: 064 158
ACC: 1006 6081

Gear can be checked in or out by any of the exec team so talk to one of those wonderful people about gear loans if you need any help. If you're still confused, feel free to send an email to and the quartermaster, Lachie will happily see to your queries.

Happy Outdoorsing!